Pick me, choose me, love me

One of the reasons I used to be so insecure was because I always thought to myself, there's always going to be someone that's better than me. People are always going to love another person a little more than me, so why invest myself into someone that will never choose me? How could I possibly... Continue Reading →


How being a private person makes me vulnerable

I have always always been a private person. To this day, there are only a handful of people that know my grandma died 3 years ago. I'm not one to advertise how my daily life is going or tell everyone all the things that happen in that life. With that being said, people talk. And... Continue Reading →

I believe

Call me closed minded or ignorant, but I truly believe that everything in our lives happens for a reason. I believe that in one way or another, our lives are predestined. I don't think that we don't have complete control over our lives, but I do believe that the choices we make lead us in... Continue Reading →

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