I know this post is going to make no sense at all if you read my last blog, but lets just go with the flow. I have never in my life been good at eye contact. It's something that I continue to struggle with on a daily basis. I know that it has to do... Continue Reading →


One month, 7 dates.

I've never really dated anyone. For me, talking to someone is always a texting/snapchatting thing. And maybe a date or two. Like I've mentioned before, I was really really insecure before and that stopped me from doing a lot of things. One of those things was putting myself out there. Now that I'm getting older... Continue Reading →

Disrespectful guys

You know, maybe it's the karma that I deserve for continuing to see someone who was already involved with someone else, but no one deserves to be treated the way you treated me. First of all, you always made it abundantly clear that you had absolutely no money to spend on me. Which of course,... Continue Reading →

Meeting you

I experienced something the other day and I didn't even want to talk about it because I couldn't believe it. That experience has brought me incredible ups and downs and has made me question myself as a person and how far I'm willing to go. It's made me question what my boundaries are and what... Continue Reading →

Pick me, choose me, love me

One of the reasons I used to be so insecure was because I always thought to myself, there's always going to be someone that's better than me. People are always going to love another person a little more than me, so why invest myself into someone that will never choose me? How could I possibly... Continue Reading →

Societal standards

I want to talk about society's beauty standards and how they evolve throughout the years. So let's start off here. I have big lips. A lot bigger than the average and it's the first thing ANYONE has ever pointed out to me when we first meet. Growing up, people wouldn't even introduce themselves to me.... Continue Reading →

The other day

I read something the other day that completely stopped me in my tracks and made me question everything. I'd been having one of those days where I felt like I can never get over my ex so I started googling ways to move on and stuff. I stumbled on a piece that listed reason WHY... Continue Reading →

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