Has it been six months already?

I remember exactly what drove me to start going to the gym every morning. A boy. He didn't chose me and I wanted to show him what he was losing out on, because once again another guy chose the skinny girl over me. At least, that's how I view it. There has only ever been... Continue Reading →


I’m not happy.

I know its shallow and materialistic to base my happiness on my environment, but that's just how its been lately. My room back home makes me utterly miserable because it holds the life of who I used to be. And whenever I'm here, I feel like I'm the same insecure girl from high school. I... Continue Reading →

Cheers to restless nights

10 p.m. bed time. 12 p.m. it feels like hours. 2 a.m. why am I up? 4 a.m. i keep tossing and turning. 5 a.m. why am i so restless? This morning, after tossing and turning all night, I woke up and stared at the ceiling. And you know what my first thought was? Who... Continue Reading →


Trust me when I say this: I'm really good at reading people. It doesn't matter how good you think you are at hiding your insecurities because I can see through all of it. I know exactly when a person is insecure about themselves. And yeah they might seem cool and collected on the outside, but... Continue Reading →

The connections we make

There's nothing like caring deeply for someone because you genuinely love who they are. Their spirit speaks to you on a personal level. Someone who you want to talk to every day not because you're lonely - but because what they say is important to you. And even when you don't talk to them for... Continue Reading →

One year today

I remember this date exactly because I graduated on June 11, 2015 from high school. And for my graduation dinner I decided I wanted Alondra Hot Wings. I also decided that that would be my last meal before I went vegetarian for the 4th time. This is the longest that I've lasted. Today marks one... Continue Reading →

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