I’m not happy.

I know its shallow and materialistic to base my happiness on my environment, but that's just how its been lately. My room back home makes me utterly miserable because it holds the life of who I used to be. And whenever I'm here, I feel like I'm the same insecure girl from high school. I … Continue reading I’m not happy.

That time that life came to bite me back in the ass

I was ignorant to think that running away from my problems would make them go away. A year and a half out and they just came back at me in full force. Sophomore year of high school was the worst year of my life. I remember sitting in the car begging my mom to not … Continue reading That time that life came to bite me back in the ass

I know, I know. I already have a whole post about this, but damn. You don't understand how frustrating it is. Please, please educate yourself. Mexicans are NOT the only type of Hispanic. Don't automatically assume that a Hispanic person is mexican. It is NOT my job to educate you. Just like it's not a … Continue reading


I truly 100% believe that everything happens for a reason. And while nothing in my life is going as planned, I know that it's all going toward one goal. I don't understand what the purpose is or why any of this is happening to me, but it only means that greater things will come, right?  … Continue reading Life