Laughter at its finest

I have a loud laugh. I have a very unique laugh. Some might consider my laugh annoying. It’s not one bit feminine or cute. I KNOW ALL THIS. But thats my laugh. Throughout my life people have always brought it up to my attention. “Liz, your laugh is funnier than the joke.”

But yesterday, one of my coworkers shifted my perspective by saying something about my laugh I’ve never heard before.

Here’s a little background. When I get embarrassed, my face gets really hot and really red. You can visibly see my embarrassment. Now, the coworker who made a comment about my laugh is one of the older ladies I work with that only speaks Spanish.

My coworker and my manager were talking about me right in front of me. And she asked my manager, “Have you ever heard her laugh? It’s like music to my ears. Her laugh is so happy and so genuine it’s music to me.” When she brought up my laugh, of course I thought it was going to be another comment about how funny my laugh is. So when she said that, my whole face got red and I was so embarrassed because that was the sweetest, most genuine thing someone has ever said about me. It’s almost as is she brought up one of my insecurities and told me that what she loved most about me. I think it affected me so much because she didn’t say it to be nice. She didn’t say it to make me feel better. Its the honest reflection about how I make her feel.

Yesterday was a first for me. It was the first time someone has complimented my laugh. And it was also a first because it got me thinking about what others think about me, and not in a bad way. My coworker had never mentioned to me how my laugh made her feel. It honestly just makes me so happy that something about me touched her so much. That one of my qualities makes her smile. So it makes me wonder what else about me has made someone else smile or happy.

This truly shows how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What others might find annoying about me is something than another appreciates about me. Its so amazing to me how such a small comment could affect me so much. It genuinely touched my heart and made me feel good about myself.

Spreading the love guys, it makes all the difference.



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