Societal standards

I want to talk about society’s beauty standards and how they evolve throughout the years. So let’s start off here. I have big lips. A lot bigger than the average and it’s the first thing ANYONE has ever pointed out to me when we first meet. Growing up, people wouldn’t even introduce themselves to me. All they would say is “you have big lips.” Well no shit. People would say that to me so often that they started to become an insecurity of mine. I hated how big my lips were. Everyone else had normal sized lips and I just wanted to blend in. 

It got to the point where I’d purposely close my lips together to make them look smaller. I even looked up ways on how to make my lips look smaller on YouTube. 

As I started growing up, I guess people matured. “You have big lips” wasn’t the first thing anyone said to me anymore. I got it less often and I finally started feeling comfortable with my own lips. I think I kinda just forgot about it because I wasn’t constantly being reminded every day.

But now our society is at a place and time where everyone wants big lips. Big lips are in. For the first time in my life, I’m hearing things like “your lips are beautiful” and “I wish I had your lips.” Hearing all that makes me so angry because for so long I had an attribute that wasn’t socially acceptable. I was made fun of, I was tore down, and I lost a piece of myself to people who couldn’t deal with something different. 

Part of the thing that scares me the most is that things like that come and go. Where will I stand in a few years? What happens when big lips are no longer socially acceptable?I know beauty standards change all the time. 

We all have our own images of beauty. I wish people would be more considerate and thoughtful about the words they chose because they really do have a profound impact. You have the power to influence someone’s day. Make the right choice and spread love to everyone you meet. You never know what struggle someone is going through and your words that day could impact their life forever.


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